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     The Foster Families in America got their heritage in England about 1066 AD after the Battle of Hastings when William the Conqueror knighted a 16 year old young man (his nephew) Richard de Forestarius and gave to him and his posterity the northern part of England known as Northumberland.  The Forster's surname evolved and the first son's inherited the land and titles from their father's.


Mobjack Bay, Gloucester County, Virginia
Click to Enlarge Map of Mobjack Bay, Gloucester County, Virginia

Foster families in lower Norfolk, Virginia
Click to Enlarge Map of Lower Norfolk County, Virginia in Early 1700's
The second and additional sons eventually became known as Foster.  They spread southward and by the early 1600's were going abroad to establish homes and lands of their own in the English Empire.  This story continues with those who immigrated to Early Virginia in the 1607 to 1750 time periods.
Gary Foster
Gary L. Foster

descendant of
Beverly Ransome Foster

son of
Richard & Susannah Foster (1723)

Documented Descendants of
Richard & Susannah Foster
as of 22 January 2009

Personal Family Website
of my Foster & Gale genealogy as of 22 March 2005.

Dr. Billie G. Foster
Dr. Billie G. Foster

descendant of
James Richard Foster
son of
Sir Robert Forster

Personal Website

William L. Foster
descendant of
James Richard Foster

son of
Sir Robert Forster

Personal Website #1
Personal Website #2

Guide to Southern Vocabulary

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Becky Foster Barnhardt
Head of History & Genealogy
Matthews Memorial Library
Matthews, Virginia

descendant of
Richard Foster (1630)

Genealogy Database of
Matthews County Foster
& related families

Very well documented and sourced
showing ties to the Hudgins Family.

Gloucester County, Virginia

Gloucester County / Matthews County
Matthews Memorial Library - Matthews County, Virginia
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Music by Stephen Collins Foster

History of the Family
Compiled 1998 by E. L. Marshall

Genealogical Trails from immigrant ancestors in the United States of America
Foster's originating
in Virginia

(Tax Lists prior to 1790)
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