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Flowers, bushes, trees as we walk from our Condo thru the Church office buildings, Temple Square and to the Family History Library to do research on our Foster Family.

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Photos of Flowers, bushes, trees in beautiful Virginia as we toured the state doing genealogy research.

Richard Foster
(Name of Husband)
Born 1723
Whitchurch, Hampshire, England (not proven) or
Gloucester, Virginia
(Marriage proven in records of Kingston Parish)
 Susannah Rand / Ransome
   (Name of Spouse)
Born About 1723
Isle of Wight,

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"The Foster Family of Flanders, England and America"
Dr. Billie Glen Foster

Localities Searched in Virginia & England:

Whitchurch, Hampshire, England

Isle of Wight Website,
 History 1608 - 1907

Gloucester County Website,
History 1607 - 1651
Mathew County,

Essex County Website
Surry County Website

Maps of Virginia

Virginia's Colonial  Soldiers Books of Gloucester/Mathews Counties, Virginia Maps for Early Virginia Foster Families
Census Records of Head of Households
Early Virginia
Virginia Anglican Parish Vestry Books

Summary of this Richard & Susannah Foster family and goals for this continuing research:

As of 10 March 2008: Due to the lack of surviving records in this early part of the development of expanding Virginia, I decided to spend the last two years (2006 to 2008) solidifying with proof sources all I could find on my Foster direct line starting with my father and moving back 6 or 7 generations to my present end of line Richard Foster born about 1723 and married to Susannah Rand / Ransome.  See the proof sources, pictures, maps, bible records, wills, etc for clues that may help identify the parents of Richard and Susannah.  (To be linked here within a few days)

As of 29 May 2006: Family stories indicate that Richard was born in Whitchurch, Hampshire, England in about 1725. So far, I canít prove that.  Richardís marriage to Susannah Rand / Ransome about 1748 and birth of 1st son with the use of common Virginia surnamesÖ Beverly Ransome Foster.  Why the use of these two surnames if not related?  Foster, Beverly & Ransome families were amongst the first settlers in Mobjack Bay, Gloucester, Virginia.  Robert Beverly assisted many English & German settlers to come to Virginia for which he received thousands of acres from the English throne.  See early English naming patterns of the Foster Family.

If Richardís wife was a Rand. Not a common name in Virginia but very common in Massachusetts. There were Rand families in Virginia at the time of Richardís arrival in Virginia.  Is this where they met and married? So far I can not tie my family into the original Virginia immigrant James Richard Foster who immigrated to Virginia on the ship HMS Safety in 1635 at the age of 16.  Most southern Foster's tie into this family line. 

I am also researching the possibility that the son Richard (born Abt 1695) of Robert Foster (born Abt 1651) of James Richard Foster (born 1619 in Essex, Durhamshire, England).  Not much is known of the son Richard Foster (born Abt 1695) as he may have left his family in Matthews County, Virginia about the time of his 1st marriage to a (Miss Ransome) (this is my guess so far...) they may have gone to Whitchurch, Hampshire, England.  There they gave birth to a son and named him Richard Foster (Why not?) This son was born about 1723.  If others were also born in England or if Miss Ransome died there, I know not.  After completing a research trip to Salt Lake City, Utah the week ending July 30, 2005 I am beginning to doubt that Richard (born Abt 1695) went to England because of the limited Foster's in Whitchurch, Hampshire, England for the 200 years around the birth of his son Richard (1723).  I am now looking for evidence that Richard (born in 1723) was actually born in Virginia to a mother (perhaps named Elizabeth) and definitely of the Ransome Family.  I now believe as of 14 Sept 2010 that the proof lies in the marriage records of Kingston Parish between Richard (1723) and Susannah Ransome.  Perhaps, Richard (born Abt 1695) married (Elizabeth) Ransome and they went to live on other lands owned by the Ransome family.  She dies after giving birth to Richard (1723).  Then by 1733 the two Richards appear in Virginia.  Richard (1695) re-marrying to a Sarah Fox in about 1733.  In approximately 1746 Richard (1723) marries Susannah Rand in the Isle of Wight County. Soon both Richards join the other Foster family members in Matthews County and live and work and die amongst them. glf

The next time we see Richard Foster (born Abt 1695) is in Virginia from research done by Dr. Billy Glen Foster on page 40 in his book, The Foster Family of Flanders, England, and America. Quote: "Richard Foster, the fifth child of Robert and Elizabeth Foster was born ca. 1693.  Little is known of this child.  We do know that he was living in Essex County in 1737 as he is recorded as being a witness against Anthony Garnett, Jr. in a trespass trial filed by Daniel Warner and his wife, Ann.  In the same trial William Golding, Jr. was a witness for Anthony Garnett, Jr.  Anthony Garnett, Jr. is thought to be a nephew of Elizabeth Garnett Foster Charlesworth and consequently a first cousin to Richard Foster.  I have no other information on the life, marriage or family of Richard Foster."

From my research I find Richard Foster (born Abt 1695) married a Sarah (Sally) Fox in 1733 either in Essex, Virginia or in Belfast Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.  They went on to have 9 children.  Eight born in Hanover, Virginia and the last one born in Louisa, Virginia.  Eight of the children were sons.

So, if Richard Foster (born Abt 1695 and his son Richard Foster (born 1723) are back in Virginia by the time of the marriage to Sarah (Sally) Fox in 1733 then the son Richard is about 10 years old and living with his father and step mother?  This is an outside chance for Richard (born in 1695) to have a son Richard (born in 1723) as a first marriage to a woman whose maiden name is Ransome, before a second marriage to Sarah (Sally) Fox.  This first marriage to a woman whose maiden name is Ransome is not proven as of 14 Sept. 2010.

About 1747 Richard Foster born 1723 (possibly in Whitchurch, Hampshire, England or in Gloucester, Virginia) is now age 24 and marries Susannah Rand ( I no longer believe her maiden name to be Rand) or Ransome.  Susannah's father (if she is a Rand) was William Rand and mother Elizabeth Beverly.  That would be nice because of their noble heritage to early families of Virginia.  But, I would rather be sure of my poor man's heritage than to just "assume" nobility.

See Proof of Rand's & Beverly's living in Virginia at this time period. 
Richard and Susannah gave birth to their first son and named him Beverly Ransome Foster in 1748 in the County of Isle of Wight, Virginia.  By 1753 they have moved back to the homestead of the Foster, Beverly & Ransome families as the next 4 children are born in Ware Parish, Gloucester, Virginia.  Since this move is north of the James River and York River does this tie Richard into the original James Richard Foster?  Our DNA tests say yes because of our common ancestor in a 67 marker test but the paperwork trail is not proven yet.

My research is presently gathering "all proof sources" to verify and shed more light on these assumptions.  As a member of since before the year 2000 I have researched for 10 years every source I can find digitized. The next step will be to research the microfilm's at the Family History Library or local Family History Centers that have not yet been digitized.  Somewhere we will find the proof we seek.  I have been to the Library of Virginia and to the local counties to view their records and still cannot be sure of our connection to the original Richard Foster (1620).

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I believe most Foster families tie themselves back to the Forster families of Northumberland, England to the start of our English heritage.  From there we tie to the Baldwinís of Flanders in Northern France.

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