Genealogical Trails
from Foster
immigrant ancestors
to the United States of America


Nearly all immigrants bearing the Foster surname came to the Eastern United States from the earliest arrival times from England.  They came basically two locations Virginia or  Massachusetts to settle with their hopes for a better life.  Many came as young men without their parents.  Some came as complete families.  All came to better themselves with the opportunities afforded in a new country.

No matter which location along the Eastern Atlantic seacoast they chose to locate all Foster surnames came originally to England from Flanders, Belgium in Northern France in the year 1066 AD. 

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As time went on and our family grew in number they spread throughout England, Scotland and Ireland and eventually to all English territories throughout the world.  From the earliest migrations to North America the family name had been eventually changed to Foster.  Several surname variations have evolved that all originate with the Forster families of England.

Two of the children of Baldwin V came with William the Conqueror to the Battle of Hastings.  Matilda was the wife of William and her brother was Richard at age 16.  Richard was knighted for his service to William and given the eastern English coast of Northumberland for his inheritance.  A Castle called Bamburgh was erected and added too over many years.  The surname of these people came to be commonly called Forster.  In the beginning French was the spoken language for hundreds of years.  The family continued to be among the prominent ruling class throughout Northumberland, Yorkshire and Durham Counties for over 600 years.  Many family members were knights, lived in castles and participated in marriages that perpetuated their positions in society.  Some of these marriages led into the royalty lines of both England and Scotland.

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