Photo Tour of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Foster Family
Foster FamilyFoster Family
(Photo of Mathias, Thury, Grace, Papa Dad & Grandma)

Tour 1:  Seattle to Anacortes, Washington - then onto a ferry to Sidney on Vancouver Island, Canada - drive along the eastern coastal highway to Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island - walk amongst the giant Douglas Fir trees along trails of flowers, shrubs & other trees.  Beautiful!

Tour 2:  Ucluelet, a small city located on the far western side of Vancouver Island is unique for summer homes and a beautiful Wild Pacific Trail leading through the forest of Pine trees down to Big Beech and the Pacific Ocean.  Walk along the sandy shoreline and see all the black rocks, fallen tree logs, crabs, shells and Kelp.

Tour 3:  Radar Hill Trail leads up a short hill to former radar installations used during the Cold War as an early defense system for Canada and the United States from nuclear attack.  The trail has many vantage points for looking over the mountains and valleys.

Schooner Cove is located just north of Esowista and is accessed by a short 1 km (0.6 mi) boardwalk trail through lush rainforests with moss covered trees, ferns and a rambling stream. The Schooner Cove Trail does involve some stair climbing up and down before finishing up with some steps taking you out onto the vast beach. Schooner Cove is located at the north end of Long Beach. From Schooner Cove you can walk the beach connecting to Long Beach. Schooner Cove Beach is an ideal starting point for exploring the beach on a casual romantic stroll.  It is also the home of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation Indian Tribe.

California Whale Watching excursion on a 29' open Zodiac boat added fun, excitement, male Sea Lions exhausted after mating season and an American Bald Eagle eaglet about to fly.

Tour 4:  Wild Pacific Trail along the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse Loop winds its way down to the lighthouse and back to the parking lot.  We saw deer along this trail and enjoyed a very interesting history of the area.  Our passage on the ferry to North Vancouver through downtown was a very beautiful experience which we hope to repeat again in the future.

What a special vacation place to spend a few days to several months exploring all the many beautiful trails most of which are about a mile long for many short hikes.  The natural flora includes Pine, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Aspen and thousands of flowers in every color.  Tame deer cross our paths along with many creeks of water.  Well built wooden bridges, walking paths and lots of stairs lead you up and down the natural terrain even down to the Pacific ocean with its beautiful beaches of sand, shells & wave tossed trees.

A special thank you to Thury, Grace and Mathias for inviting Grandma & Papa Dad to share this memorial vacation together for a few days in July 2008.