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  1. Forster/
     Gerry Forster
    History of the English Forster's

    Gerry Forster Personal
    Family Website


  1. Foster Ancestry - Branches and Roots by Pamela Brown Reid
    It has been accepted for years by most Foster researchers that the immigrant of the southern Fosters was a Richard Foster, son of Sir. Robert Foster and Miss Isham of England, who sailed from London on the ship Safety in 1635, arriving in Virginia in the fall.
  2. The Unfolding Foster Story  One of the best stories of how the Foster name came into usage in England and the direct line of descent each of us share.  Portions of this tree now cover direct links from the current time to around 550 AD.  There are now over 6500 names in the database and growing all the time.
  3. The Forsters of Northumberland by Ian W. Forster.  The genealogy information at this site has entries for 66 individuals with 15 distinct surnames.
  4. Foster Quest More than Genealogy by Jared L. Foster of Grayson, Georgia. 
  5. Forster Family of Wallersdorf, Niederbayern, Bavaria, Germany to America by Susan P. Foster-Nolan. These are the family history pages for my great-great grandfather, Martin Forster, who was born in Wallersdorf, Bavaria, Germany in 1814. It was he, as well as his wife and children, who were the first members of our family line to emigrate to America in 1852. In these pages, you will learn about the events of his life, as well as the lives of our ancestors in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.
  6. Sally's Family Place = Wheeler
    This is my hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
    This website covers the genealogies from Sir Thomas Forster IV - d. 1526 back as far into the past as anyone has gone to show the origin of our common name of Forster - Forrester - Foster.  Also, includes opposing views of others where differences of opinion occur.  Very good reading.
  7. Wayne David Foster - My line in the U.S. starts with Joseph Foster son of Sir Thomas Forster. Joseph came here about 1650 and settled in Virginia. His son Joseph lived at a place called Foster's Castle in New Kent Virginia. Joseph I came from Southampton, England. It was there that he married Mary Bassett of Eltham. Mary was the daughter of James Bassett and Mary Roper. Mary Roper was the daughter of William Roper and Margaret More, who was the daughter of Sir Thomas More and Jane Colt. Sir Thomas More (1476-1535) was Lord Chancellor under Henry the Eighth and were friends until July 7th 1535 when the king ordered his head chopped off for not obeying orders.
  8. Foster's in Dekalb County, Tennessee by  Athol K. Foster,
    Participant #155 in the Foster Surname DNA Project
  9. Stewart Baldwin's Genealogy page - Medieval Genealogy - The Henry Project - Llywelyn ap Iorwerth Ancestor Table - Kings of the Danes prior to 873 - Kings of the Isle of Man - Quaker Families - Families from the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire including Forster (Foster), Beverley, - Families of Colonial Virginia - Great documentation on the Baldwin families of Flanders and their ties to the royalty lineages of Europe.
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